Monday, 25 June 2012

Pancetta and Lonzino

Bacon hanging in the smoker
The smoking was a success! The pancetta smoked for just shy of 24 hours in a mixture of cherry and oak, roughly 50:50. I was slightly concerned that the neighbours would wonder what the hell was going on on my balcony; luckily the smoker doesn't produce that much smoke at all. I had a bit of trouble getting it lit initially, but once it was going it ran without a hitch.

I wrapped it in clingfilm and let it rest in the fridge for 2 days before I tried it. It smelled very smoky - almost like a speck or air-dried schinken (betraying my German ancestry there). So what does it taste like? Pretty good! The smoke flavour is strong, but not overly so. I might reduce the smoking time to two burns of the ProQ rather than three; but it's pretty good as it is. I'll definitely have to experiment with different times and different woods. I'm going to make some 'English' loin bacon this week, I've got some oak and hickory to try out.

Obligatory 'arty' shot

Like I said in a previous post I've just got back after being away with work for a couple of weeks. During that time the small lonzino I had hanging reached the magic weight loss of 30%. Sadly I wasn't arround to take it out. When I eventually got back it was pushing 35-40% weight loss. I didn't have high hopes as a couple of weeks before I'd noticed the top had dried much faster than the bottom. If anything it was too dry, very solid to the touch. Maybe I should start rotating them end over end every week. Does the moisture inside sink to the bottom under gravity I wonder? Or, more likely, is the fan at the top of my cabinet just drying the top of the meat faster? Whatever it might be I put the lonzino in a bag and put it into the fridge in the hope that the moisture would somehow re-distribute itself. Then I promptly forgot about it. 

The money shot

I re-discovered the lonzino this weekend whilst sorting through the fridge for something to snack on. I saw it huddled at the back like it was trying to escape my notice. On closer inspection one end was slightly dry, but cutting through the middle it's beautiful: not too salty, with a slight taste of juniper and hint of bay. Nom.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Smoking in progress

The pancetta came out of the cure yesterday. I washed it off and left it to dry overnight in the fridge to develop a pellicle. It's cold smoking now in a mixture of oak and cherry. I'm going to give it a total of 24 hours in 8-10 hour stints. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cold smoker setup

Sorry, I've been away with work for a couple of weeks so haven't had an opportunity to update the blog.

In the few days that I've been back I've begun to cobble together a cold smoker setup. For Christmas I received a copy of Keith Erlandson's book, "Home Smoking and Curing" and I've been meaning to try my hand at it for a while. After seeing the ProQ cold smoker on the Sausage Jockey's blog I knew I had to give it a try; at only £30 it's a bargain.

I bought a galvanised dustbin incinerator from Aldi (£20), a temperature probe from Amazon (£10), and a smoking basket and bacon holder (£15 each) from Hot Smoked. I'm planning to buy some steel rods to pass through the body of the incinerator to support the basket. I fashioned a lid for the incinerator out of a galvanised plant pot (£1 from Homebase) and drilled a couple of holes in it to let smoke escape. I think that's pretty much it. The smoker came with some oak dust; I also bought some extra oak, and some cherry dust to experiment with.

The Doctor couldn't help thinking that the
Deleks had let themselves go
I did a test smoke to coat the inside of the incinerator (as detailed in "Home Smoking and Curing"). After being lit the ProQ smoker smoked away for 10-12 hours quite happily. You can barely notice the smoke being produced. I didn't monitor the temperature but, as the ProQ can be used in a cardboard box, and it was a cold day (~15 degrees C), I'm sure it stayed under the 22-25 C temperature limit. The next thing to do will be to actually smoke some food. I've got some pancetta curing in the fridge and am thinking of making some fermented sausage - both of which would be suitable candidates.